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When to Replace Your Windows

When it comes to home improvement, windows may not be on the top of your list but it's definitely worth looking into.

New windows not only improve the overall look of your home but also decrease the amount of UV rays from the sun entering your home, improving your energy efficiency and lowering the cost of your energy bill if you currently have inefficient windows.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, it may be time to start thinking about a window project.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Is your electric bill high in the winter and summer?

  • Do you feel a draft coming from your windows?

  • Do notice a fog or moisture between the panes of glass?

  • Have the window frames begun to deteriorate?

Other signs of Window Inefficiency:

  • Glass is hot to the touch during the summer and cool in the winter

  • Windows don't operate properly

Residential Home Solutions is here to help you start the process with a free estimate. Our free estimates lock in the price of your project for a full year so even if you aren't ready right now, you'll have that information for your homeowner's file.

Energy providers in the area are offering energy rebates on new windows. For example, Avista offers $3 a sq foot of new glass installed. We will also let you know how much your energy rebate will be during a free estimate.

Want to do your project in stages? We offer a Get Started Program! During your estimate, we can let you know how much it would be to do your project in stages.

To get a free estimate, call (509) 892-6460 or click here to request one.


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