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James Hardie Contractor Alliance


As a Preferred Member of the James Hardie Contractor Alliance and the only one in the area, we have access to state-of-the-art products and installation techniques. James Hardie is a leading siding manufacturer with global leadership in fiber cement products and technology.

Residential Home Solutions has been a GuildQuality GuildMember since 2012 and has been awarded the GuildMaster Award in 2013, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. We focus on customer satisfaction above all else, and value our customers' feedback!



HomeAdvisor's Seal of Approval confirms that we are licensed, insured and background-checked, giving homeowners peace of mind.

Better Business Bureau

For over 100 years, BBB has helped people make smarter decisions and is evolving to meet fast changing marketplace needs. BBB offers its national and local consumer services online and in person. 

BBB's vision is an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other.


Residential Home Solutions is certified renovation firms that meets the  EPA's standards to perform renovation activities involving lead-based paint. 

Spokane Home Builders Association (SHBA)

We are a proud member of the Spokane Home Builders Association. The SHBA has been working to promote and protect the local building industry since its beginning in 1947.

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