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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have to come out to my home to give me an estimate?
    If you are planning on having us install, yes we do. Every job we do at Residential Home Solutions is custom to your project because each home is different. We have to be able to come out and assess your home to be able to see how best to serve your interests and your home's needs.
  • How long does the estimate take?
    The estimate takes about an hour depending the amount of windows you want looked at and number of questions. Answering all your questions and getting you all the information for your project is our number one priority.
  • Why do you need both of us at the appointment?
    Our representatives are not a door-to-door salespeople. They work by appointment only and they make a Special Trip to meet with all homeowners/decision makers. Having both homeowners/decision makers at the appointment is NOT about making a sale. People tend to have different questions and priorites (design and technical). We find it is best to answer all questions and give accurate information/pricing in one apppointment rather than schedule multiple appointments to get all the information and questions answered. If all homeowners/decision makers are not at the appointment, it's improbable that the estimate for the scope of your project will be fully complete.
  • Why do you need to know my spouse/partner/boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other's name?
    The safety of our representatives and customers are our number one priority. As a standard safety practice before we send our reps out to provide a quote, we verify that there will be an owner or owners present in the home so our reps are aware who they will be speaking with at the time of the appointment. If a customer would like to know the name of the rep coming to see them, we will gladly notify them the day of their appointment.
  • Do you install windows in the winter?
    Yes, we do! When installing windows, we install one window at a time to cut down on the amount of cold air entering your home.
  • Do you enlarge window openings?
    Residential Home Solutions is able to enlarge windows, but depending on the size and style you want, there may be some limitations. Set up a free estimate to learn more.
  • Do you cut in egress windows?
    Yes, we do! We install egress windows for the most part of the year. We do not install egress windows in the winter because it is too cold to operate the equipment necessary to do the concrete cut.
  • Do you sell just the product?
    Residential Home Solutions does sell windows direct to consumers for them to install. If you call our office at (509) 892-6460 with the sizes of your windows, we are able to give you an over the phone estimate.
  • I received an email with a date but I'm not available that day for installation.
    Not to worry because that is not the day of your install! The email that we sent you was just a courtesy email so you will know when we expect your order to be ready and you can start planning ahead for your future installation. We always call to schedule your installation.
  • Why was there a delay?
    The day we expect your order to be ready is always subject to change. Delays may be caused by back ordered glass/parts, remakes, etc. If your receive date changes more than a week, we will send you an email or call with the updated date.
  • How long does it take to make my order?
    In a normal year, it typically takes 3-4 weeks from the time you purchase to the time your order is ready but with the challenges of this year, we are 10-12 weeks out with some of our manufacturers. It may take longer if your order includes custom color(s), sizes, and/or shapes. This is due to order backlogs caused by unprecedented strains on material supply chains and/or production lines being slowed down by call ins due to COVID-19. This situation is affecting lead times on multiple orders.
  • Why are there supply challenges/delays?
    The strong level of business for door and windows continues to strain our supply chain. Although we have been fully staffed and operational since March 30th, that has not been the situation for some of our vendors and suppliers. As a result, in some cases, they have emptied their own supply chain. This is leading to a growing backlog of uncompleted doors and windows. This situation is affecting lead times on multiple orders.
  • When will my order come in and be ready for install?
    We know that having a firm date is important to you, and it is to us as well since we use the dates to schedule installations. There are times that an order will be on "inventory hold" due to supply chain issues, and in those cases, it will be difficult for us to project the ship date until we know when materials will be received for your order. We are diligently working with our suppliers to ensure we receive products in the most expeditious way possible.
  • Why did I not receive a call immediately to schedule my installation?
    When a shipment comes in, it takes us a day or two to go through product received to make sure all orders are complete and not damaged. Once confirmed, we start making calls to schedule installation. Due to the long wait times because of the supply chain challenges that have affected our orders, we call customers for installation in the order of when they purchased. We thank you so much for your patience and understanding.
  • What is condensation?
    Condensation is fog that suddenly appears in the cold weather on the glass of windows and sliding glass doors. It can block out the view, drip on the floor, and freeze on glass. It’s annoying! It’s natural to blame the windows, but you shouldn’t.
  • What causes window condensation?
    Window condensation is the result of excess humidity in your home. The glass only provides a cold surface on which the humidity can visibly condense. The fog on your windows is a form of condensation; so is the water that forms on glass of iced tea in the summer, and on the bathroom mirrors and walls after a hot shower. Condensation usually occurs first on the windows because glass surfaces have the lowest temperature of any of the interior surfaces in the house. When the warm, moist air comes into contact with cooler surfaces, the moisture condenses. This is important because your foggy windows and sliding glass doors are trying to tell you to reduce indoor humidity before it causes hidden, costly problems elsewhere in your home – problems like peeling paint, rotting wood, buckling floors, insulation deterioration, mildew, even moisture spots in ceilings and walls. Foggy windows and sliding glass doors are the indicators, the warning signs, that humidity could be damaging your home.
  • How can my home have indoor humidity?
    Humidity is water vapor or moisture in the air. All air contains a certain amount of moisture, even indoors.
  • Where does the moisture come from?
    Many things generate indoor moisture like humidifiers, heating systems, and even plants. Cooking three meals a day adds four to five pints of water in the air and each shower contributes half a pint. In fact, every activity that uses water (like dishwashing, mopping floors, doing laundry, etc.) adds moisture to the air. The more water vapor in the air, the higher indoor humidity and high indoor humidity means condensation.
  • How much indoor humidity is too much?
    The householder can use the windows and sliding glass doors as a guide to the proper level of humidity within the house. If objectionable condensation occurs on the inside surface of the windows, the humidity level is too high. To avoid excess condensation, the following winter humidity is recommended in the house. Outside-Inside Relative Temperature Humidity: -20° F: 15-20% -10°F: 15-20% 0°F: 20-25% 10°F: 25-30% 20°F: 30-35%
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