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Entry Doors

Reasons to Replace Your Door

Curb Appeal

Your front door is a big part of your home's overall design, meaning that it has a significant influence on curb appeal. The right door makes a great first impression and can help improve property value.

Weather Resistance

No homeowner wants to deal with weather damage or leaks caused by storms. Our doors provide the strength and durability needed to hold up under nearly any conditions.

Energy Efficiency

Doors are one of the biggest areas of energy loss in any home, which is why it's important to have a correctly fitted door. Many modern doors offer upgraded weatherstripping and insulation options as well, helping you save money on heating and cooling.


Keeping your home safe is a priority for any homeowner, which is why all our doors have the best hardware available to ensure they stay completely secure.

Learn more about the ProVia Entry Doors we install.

Residential Home Solutions offer free, no obligation estimates that lock in the price of your project for a full year. Use the free estimate to plan your project and get recommendations on which door will fit your home best. To schedule an estimate, call us at (509) 892-6460 or contact us online!

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