Available Energy Rebates

There are energy rebates being offered by most energy providers on new energy efficient windows. To find out what you could get back on your rebate and how much energy you can save, schedule a free estimate today! 

Energy Providers

Windows - $3.00/sf

  • Available for the replacement of existing single pane or metal frame double pane to windows with a u-factor rating of 0.30 or lower.

  • Windows are defined by window and frame not just glass replacement.

  • Windows must be contractor installed.

  • Contractor must provide new window documentation to include an itemized invoice with the following: total window square footage, u-factor, ratings, and cost.

  • Window rebates require a minimum of 8,000 kilowatt-hours or 340 therms annual usage.

Storm Windows - $2.00/sf

  • Storm windows must be of the same opening type as the existing prime window. Storm window shall be permanently installed.

  • Exterior storm windows shall be oriented with the low-e coating facing toward the interior of the house.

  • For installations with metal framed prime windows the storm window's frame shall not be in direct contact with the prime window frame.

  • Low-e Storm Windows: Storm windows must use glazing materials with an emissivity less than or equal to 0.22 and a solar transmittance greater than 0.55, as listed in the International Glazing Database (IGDB) measured in accordance with NFRC 300-14,NFRC 301-14 and NFRC 302-10.

Windows - $3.00/sf

  • Homes must be existing, electrically heated, single family or manufactured homes.

  • Prime windows must have an NFRC rated U-factor* of 0.30 or lower. Sliding glass doors must have an NFRC rated U-factor of 0.35 or lower.

  • Existing windows must be either double pane with a metal frame or a single pane window in any frame.

  • Windows can be self-installed or installed by a licensed contractor.

  • If windows are self-installed, before and after photos are required.

  • Contractor installed windows must have pre-existing window condition and U-factor of newly installed windows clearly stated on their invoice.

  • Windows in unconditioned spaces, such as a garage or porch, do not qualify.

  • Windows in newly constructed homes do not qualify for this incentive.

  • Replacement installation that results in increased window area is not allowed under this program.

  • Window installations must meet applicable building codes to qualify

Windows - $3.00/sf

  • Home must be electrically heated (heat pumps qualify).

  • Original window must be single pane wood frame, or, single or double pane metal frame.

  • New window must have a U-value of .30 or less, patio doors .35 or less.

  • Rebate is based on original window square footage.

Windows - $3.00/sf

  • New replacement windows must have a U-Factor of 0.30 or less to qualify for a rebate.
    Windows can be replaced all at once, individually, or a few at a time.

  • Each new window will have an NFRC sticker attached to the glass. Carefully remove all
    stickers and make a copy of each one. Retain originals for your records.

  • Each new exterior door must be ENERGY STAR® rated & may have an NFRC sticker attached to the door verifying that it is ENERGY STAR® rated. Remove the sticker and make a copy of the sticker. Retain originals for your records. Verification that the door is ENERGY STAR® rated must be in the final paperwork. Exterior door must replace an un-insulated door and divide heated from unheated space.

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