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Spring Has Sprung!

Out with the old and in with the new. We'd like to think that that motto goes hand in hand with the change from Winter to Spring!

One of our favorite parts of this new season is cleansing not only our homes, but taking a chance to find a new hobby or interest.

Usually we look to better ourselves at the beginning of the year, but on March 20th we can officially call in Spring, a season of refreshing change and brand new growth.

Here are some ideas for a new you:

  • Check out your closet. If you aren’t able to confidently wear every article of clothing, toss it. You can donate your clothing to help those in need and give them a fresh start.

  • Take the leap and recycle, trash, or donate those extra kitchen items. Pots and pans, or silverware galore. If you really believe that they will come of some use, start a camping bin, and toss all of the extras in there! This is also great for those extra towels and bedding. Not only will you be ready for the upcoming camping season, your kitchen and closets will be better organized and less full.

  • Get out, breathe that fresh air, and WALK! Not only is this exercise enjoyable with friends, start enjoying the budding blossoms of Spring in a daily routine.

  • Give your home A New View! Our Spring contest is a a chance to spruce up your home with up to $10,000 in locally made windows.

These are just a few of our favorites that we us keep our homes better organized and us stress free while following them.

Make sure to enter our A New View Contest 2018 for the chance to give your home a new view with $10,000 in locally made windows. Call (509) 892-6460 or fill out our online entry form to enter!

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