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Looking for siding contractors Spokane? Residential Home Solutions installs high-quality fiber cement siding by James Hardie.  James Hardie siding gives your home authentic character with an uncompromising performance that only James Hardie fiber cement siding and trim can deliver. James Hardie siding is engineered for Climate to stand up to whatever nature brings


As the area's featured Elite Preferred Contractor Alliance Member, we specialize in James Hardie fiber cement siding to help you transform your home's curb appeal. We use 3D modeling software to show you how the finished project will turn out before you make any commitment!

What is Fiber Cement Siding?

Fiber cement is a composite material made from cement, sand, and cellulose fibers. This material forms a very strong, durable finished product that works perfectly as a home siding material. Though much heavier than many siding materials, fiber cement has several key benefits that make it a worthwhile addition.

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Choose a siding product that's going to make your dream home a reality.

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A home's exterior is its first defense against extreme weather and fire. 

Prepare your home for the unpredictable with siding that won't burn.

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Your siding is exposed to nature all day, every day. Feel confident it can hold its own throughout it all - from the changing seasons to even the most extreme weather.

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Siding can be pecked by birds, damaged by termites, or other pests. Save yourself the maintenance hassle - don't let your home fall prey to critters.

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Functionality You Will Love


Curb Appeal

Add character and architectural interest with the right siding choice. Upgrading from vinyl to thicker, more substantial James Hardie® siding  increases a home’s appraisal value.


Energy Savings

New siding materials, weather/moisture barriers and climate-appropriate insulation may offer energy savings and help lower utility bills.


Low Maintenance

Wood may need repainting every few years. On the other hand, factory-finished fiber cement siding is lower maintenance and could potentially save a lot on repairs later.


Environmental Impact

Today’s siding products are greener than ever. The U.S. Green Building Council recognizes fiber cement siding, in particular, for its durability and sustainability.

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